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Welcome to Cookstove Community’s collection of Elmira Oval videos! Here, Obadiah’s Woodstoves takes a look at the Elmira Oval wood cookstove and explains its origins, how it burns, and instead of ending there like our competition does, we take the Oval and shows you how to deal with the 7″ Oval To Round Offset Adapter needed to install the stove. We then hook the stove up and burn it.

In these videos, You will see how well the Elmira Oval burns, how to load it, what size wood it takes, how long it burns and how evenly the oven heats. When you are done, you will have a better understanding of how an old fashion cookstove will work in your home. However, it is not the way to go if you’re trying to heat your home day in and day out, as it will wear on you having to tend a stove every 4-6 hrs to keep it going, spitting your wood 8 times instead of once (in order to fit it through the Oval’s door).

This is a surprisingly good cookstove though; the oven heats better than most we have tested, the cooktop gets hot fast and heats as evenly as possible considering the design is over a hundred years old. If you have a heating source already and just want a good wood cookstove, this is a great choice. The Oval will heat up to 1500 sq ft. if you feed it every couple hours. It is made of sheet metal though, so don’t burn it without the firebrick, as the stove will burn out easily.

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