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Kitchen Queen Supercharger

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  • Kitchen Queen Supercharger

    I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the discontinued supercharger on the Queen? I am interested in purchasing one and did a bunch of research over the last year (and saved the cash for the purchase!) Only to find out that the supercharger is no longer available. I liked the idea of being able to quickly heat up the oven/stove. Please let me know what you Queen owners think of it.

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    Hey Richie I am not sure why the supercharger was discontinued but I'm sure it was for a good reason. All I know is it works great on my stove and I use it on the cold mornings of hunting to fire up the stove fast for that first cup of coffee. Woody will know and you will not go wrong with purchasing one, the Queen is the best stove for the money. Take care


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      I understand that they discontinued it due to the option of a thermostat. I wish that you could either order it with or without a supercharger depending on if you want a thermostat. I would definitely take the charger over the stat just for the quick morning coffee Camp K; )
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        Greetings folks,
        The Super Charger was originally on the Kitchen Queen to introduce combustion air into the ash pan area underneath the grate. This is a requirement to burn coal in a stove as coal burns from the bottom up, instead of the top down, as in a wood stove. This is also the reason the left side of the firebox is at an angle, to allow the raking out of clinkers in the coal bed.
        Kitchen Queens did not carry a UL for a long time, we finally convinced the manufactured to invest in the UL and his sales increased drastically. However he did not want to pay to retest for coal which would double the cost of the UL testing. Eventually we also convinced Kitchen Queen to invest in a ULC certificate for our Canadian customers. We never were able to convince Kitchen Queen to certify for coal as they did not feel it was a large enough part of their business.
        T.he last time Kitchen Queen re-certify their stoves they removed the Turbo Boost option because it can effect the UL test passing or failing. The location was such that you could not see if it was open or closed unless you felt under the ash shelf on the front of the stove, or bent down on one knee and peaked under the stove.
        This can cause a lot of grief if the Turbo Boost gets left open. Your burn times are cut by more than half. As Kitchen Queen does not want to test for coal, there is no need for the Turbo Boost.
        To start your Kitchen Queen cookstove, simply crack the door a little, you'll see it open and know to close it when the fire gets going.
        The Kitchen Queen features a revolutionary classic design that relies on physics for heat, along with a spacious oven and optional water reservoir. Highly recommended by Obadiah's!