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Dose Kitchen Queen 380 has CSA certification? Can KQ top be made with smaller lids?

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  • Dose Kitchen Queen 380 has CSA certification? Can KQ top be made with smaller lids?

    Hi Woody and All,
    We are here in Manitoba, Canada have been shopping for a cook wood stove for a while now and for sure there is no better online source then yours.It has been so much help to us to be able to narrow our decision to a few possible models because you got such a comprehensive information made available. Thank you very much!

    We have decided that KQ 380 is the best options for us but I do want to confirm that it dose have CSA certification.

    As we have not been able to find a home insurance company that will insure without it. As we initially were looking into La Nordica line. At this time we trying to see if UL certification is acceptable here or not.

    Also we are wondering if custom adjustments can be made to that stove, in particular we wanting ti be able to have a smaller lid opening on one or both lids from 10" to 8" as on Grand Wood stove as it seems to be made by same people, or perhaps the 10" lid can have another smaller cut out in it any where in between 8" to 4". to be able to have an access to the open flame with a smaller pot like in the La Nordica but not so many all we need is one smaller opening, however it can be achieved.

    Thanks much.

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    Welcome to the Cookstove Community,

    Thank you for your compliments, we appreciate it.

    Let me address your questions.

    UL 1482, ULC-S627 are the two listings in North America to which wood/coal/pellet (Solid Fueled) stoves are tested by various independent labs, not necessarily UL Labs. Here is an example of the lab I use and their certifications
    These independent labs test products under certain conditions to set safety standards such as clearances to combustibles and other things such as handle temperature. The standards are set by UL and the labs test to that standard. If the stove does not meet the standard it must be modified until it does.
    Once a stove has been UL listed, it can not be modified again without retesting. If it is modified in anyway it must be retested again.

    For example we originally designed, tested and built the glass doors and heat shields for the Kitchen Queen stoves. These products changed the way the stove works, so essentially the original UL or ULC was no longer valid with the glass door installed, which is understandable. However the heat shield enhances the safety of the stove, but still violates the safety certificate. Our clients realized this and had no issues, we also had no problems with our design as we tested and proved them, before shipping them to our customers. As most Canadian clients must have a WETT install, it really only mattered if the WETT installer was willing to sign off, usually after talking on the phone with me and a few follow up emails with answers to their questions, they were good to go with their installer and insurance company, which was all they seemed to care about.
    Curiously our competitor online who now claims to be the "Factory Authorized Retailer" trying to convince folks were not, I also making other strange claims,
    "We sell only U.L. listed Kitchen Queen options that will not void the U.L. listing if used".
    I have to wonder if they retested the glass doors every time they had to tweak them? If not, they are not UL or ULC listed either. This is why we waited until we had doors that actually worked before we introduced them to the general public.
    As Obadiah's is still not offering the glass firebox doors without a solid door as a back up, due to our customers on going glass door complaints and ongoing change outs... were actually the ones who are offering only UL ULC compliant Kitchen Queens.

    First off there is much confusion about UL and ULC and CSA. To help clarify I am posting some additional links for those who care to do some research.

    In Europe they follow EN 12815: 2001 for wood cook stove safety certifications.

    Let me say that the European safety standards are higher than ours in North America.
    Next let me say that Canadian ULC safety standards are higher than US UL safety standards.

    For example prefabricated chimney pipe; (Class A Chimney)
    USA UL Lab standards for Class A Chimney ranges from UL 103 which can be as low as two, ten minute 1000 degree internal chimney temperature, test. Chimney does not have to survive to be tested a 3rd time.
    UL 105 HT is a higher standard at two fifteen minute, 2100 degree internal chimney temperature tests, pipe does not have to survive for a third test. Thirty minutes total.
    I believe another variation of this test is 3 10 minute 2100 degree internal chimney temperature tests.

    ULC S 629 which is the Canadian UL standard, which is tested like this, three thirty minute 2100 degree burns. An hour and a half total, and the chimney must still be reusable when it cools back down. If the internal liner splits or buckles, during the last cool down phase, it flunks.

    Obadiah's now has our own line of Class A chimney which is US built to ULC S 629 and is also sold through a French Canadian stove manufacture. Securing our own line of Chimney Pipe and now our own stove lines has given us much better control over the quality of what we offer our clients. It also forced me to learn more than I cared, about UL, ULC Safety Testing. Not to mention NSPS and EPA Certifications.

    Being the Assistant Fire Chief on our local Vol Fire Department for many years, I assure you, most Vol FDs are not going to reach your home in less than 30 minutes from the time of the 911 call. Your chimney needs to be able to survive longer than 10 minutes, for sure.

    1. The Kitchen Queen Cookstoves do carry ULC certifications, which conforms to CSA. In fact there is a video on our homepage about this and the lengths we went to for a customer up North in British Columbia. It's called "Don's Stove Delivery".
    Don runs an remote outfitting business in BC. He has a lodge ontop of a mountain, which required a chopper to deliver his Kitchen Queen 380. We also had to get the Kitchen Queen ULC listed so he could install it and replace his Waterford Stanley which would not throw enough heat to keep the place warm.
    2. The La Nordica's do not carry any UL or ULC certifications which is why we introduced the Magnum, North and Concept 2 lines of Cookers which do carry both UL and ULC Certifications.
    3. Although Obadiah's goes to great lengths for our customers, many manufactures don't. Therefore we don't offer any modifications to the Kitchen Queen cook stoves as we usually sell out of them. Demand is high, the manufacture isn't going to tie up production for special requests. We have never had anyone request a custom hot plate before, which means there is very little demand, sorry.

    I can send you an extra KQ hot plate and you can take that to a machine shop and they will make you whatever you can imagine, for a price. They can put a smaller hot plate in the standard hot plate. There is no need for the manufacture to modify the Kitchen Queen stove, if you would like a smaller opening, only the plate needs to be modified.
    Just like the rings on the Euro Cookers which allow you to adjust the hot plate size to the size of the pot or pan, you could have a machine shop modify the Kitchen Queen Hot plate to fit the hot plate rings from a LaNordica or other Euro Cooker. They will need to have a good CNC laser or water jet, they can cut smaller rings out of the KQ Hot Plate pretty easily.

    If this is something folks want, please let me know as the new Obadiah's Wood Cook Stove will be introduced the Summer of 2017 and we can add hot plate rings as an option on that stove.
    As one of the first online retailers, Obadiah's offers top of the line stoves at the best prices online. We carry wood stoves, wood boilers, cook stoves, and much more!