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Can anyone recommend a solar system provider?

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  • Can anyone recommend a solar system provider?

    We are looking at adding solar to our plan in the next year or so and was wondering if anyone can recommend a solar system distributor. Reasonably priced would be a plus Thanks

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    You should give the folks at Solar a call. That is where I bought my system from. They gave me the same service as Woody does (and as knowledgeable in their field). The first time I called them was a 2 1/2 hour call.


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      I would like to add solar somehow also, but I have no idea where to even start, what we would need, etc. Watchguy, is the website you refereed to also good if you know nothing?


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        Give Solar biz a call. If you get to talk to Tom he will give you a "from the ground up" detailed analysis of what you need. You might want to do a little basic homework first. I suggest going to the library and doing a little reading. You will also find some references online for a basic understanding of where to start. If I can get a little spare time I could also give you a short outline of how to proceed if you would like.


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          A client told me about this site and asked me if I was looking for new clients. I can help if your are interested in offgrid solar and living independently. I stay away from the usual grid solar that one hears on the radio and agree that Solar biz is a good reference. Here is a link to my webpage.

          I do like the info on this site! Thank-you Michael !