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Hydro System For Streams

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  • Hydro System For Streams

    This is a water turbine that a friend turned me onto that seems pretty interesting. Would anyone be interested in something like this I am considering investing in the company and testing one of the prototypes this Spring.

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    I dont know why I can't post more than one link or a picture and a link in the same post, seems kinda strange, but anyhow here is the picture of the turbine, you can watch the video on the website, I could not post the video either. Sorry still trying to work the bugs out of this program.


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      You can do it like this:

      "The video can be found on their website, here: Also, I've attached a photo of the turbine, check it out below."


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        We would be very interested in something like that. We have a stream back where we are going to build our house, and we have talked about trying to utilize it. We were talking about a water ram, but this looks promising as well.


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          Cool Beans, well see what happens, with them, looks like were movin to the Flathead so I'm not sure now if I'll be able to do the testing, maybe you'd be interested, it would be up your Hubby's alley,