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    With all the food additives that are being added to foods today, does anyone out there read the labels & watch what you are putting into you body?

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    We do, we buy fresh organic produce from a club my wife and daughter belong to that ships us fresh boxes of food each week. We try to eat very little processed foods and buy locally from our neighbors and ranchers. We also watch "Know The Cause" with Doug Kauffman, after my battle with cancer 16 yrs ago, I take my health very seriously. Doug has what is called the Phase One Diet and many folks have gotten healthy again that were very sick, just by eating the proper foods. Raw foods lots of good organic veggies and good meat is what he says, staying away from corns, fungi like mushrooms, wheat, flour and sugars. Micro Toxins have contaminated our food supply and are killing us.


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      Kind of, I'm starting to change my diet to go more natural. I realized that our dear creator designed us to accept and use the types of foods that he created as well. At the worst of it I was a gallon-a-day Pepsi drinker, fast food all 3 meals, etc etc. Now I've given up carbonation, most fast food, and I'. working on dropping processed sugar. I do feel a little more healthy, but mostly the wallet feels a lot better. I have no idea how we lived on the "grid diet" before. One big thing we have been trying to do is to preserve our own foods. The nitrite content in meats is sometimes at 5% saturation, not to mention all the other preservatives. Veggies are coated in ..."icides" and milk has been processed till its useless for consumption. I truly believe that it will come to a point that we will have to grow ALL our own food just to survive. Wow, that was a lot more of a rant than I had hoped. TThere's a few good documentary movies about the food supply, I just can't think of their names right now.


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        For those that are looking for a place to start in eating healthier, eliminating High Fructose Corn Syrup for your diet is a huge thing & a difficult thing. If you don't know much about what is in the foods & you went to the store & bought 20 items, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), would probably be in about 17 of those products. Just try going through your kitchen to see how many products you have that contain HFCS.

        So you are asking what is HFCS, good question! Here is a bit of info on it.

        HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)

        High fructose corn syrup is the new silent killer. Sadly, it's found in almost everything we eat. Find out how to avoid it. One of the greatest ways we can improve our health is to eliminate high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) from our diets.

        What is HFCS? It is not the run of the mill corn syrup found on the grocery store shelf, nor is it the fructose found naturally in fruits & honey. HFCS is a highly refined clear liquid derived from cornstarch. Food manufactures love to use it because of its long shelf life & it's relative low cost.

        Why is HFCS bad for us? When HFCS is ingested, it travels straight to the liver which turns the sugary liquid into fat, and unlike other carbohydrates HFCS does not cause the pancreas to produce insulin; Which acts as a hunger quenching signal to the brain. Therefore, we get stuck in a vicious cycle, eating food that gets immediately stored as fat and never feeling full. When your body does not produce insulin, what do you get? Diabetic-like symptoms. Have you ever wondered why Diabetes is so prevalent in our country?

        Where is HFCS found? HFCS is found in almost everything we eat today. However, the worst culprit has to be soft drinks. A single 12 oz can of cola has up to 13 tsp of sugar, most of it is fructose from HFCS. There is HFCS hidden in many of our other foods as well, like ketchup, salad dressings, relish, cookies, and most alarmingly in low-fat diet foods. Manufactures substitute HFCS for the fat in food like mayo and salad dressings, then mark them as diet foods.

        How Can We Avoid HFCS? Avoiding HFCS will take a lifestyle change for the better. The first food to go has to be the soft drinks; this includes fruit punch, fruit cocktails, & Kool-aid since they are all laden with HFCS.

        Here are some website links to back up the information listed here.


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          When all 8 of our children were home we couldn't afford going to the organic section. So we built our homestead and raised most of our own vegetables and meat. Twenty years have passed since we started and we still raise a large portion of what we eat, anything we buy is the real deal.