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Converting wooden shed into a cooking area

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  • Converting wooden shed into a cooking area

    Is it possible to convert a wooden shed into a cooking area? One year back, I bought a wooden shed from Kitchener. But during that time, I didn't think about this. Last day, I saw my neighbor converting his shed to a gym room. If it is possible to convert a shed to gym room, then why should I change my wooden shed into a cooking area? I am interested in experimenting new recipes. My kids and husband encourage me to cook. I usually experiment more in baking cakes. If I get a proper place to cook, I can experiment more. My kitchen is so small and I find it difficult to cook. So I would like to know the possibility of considering a wooden shed as a kitchen.
    My friend appreciated me for this idea. He told me that since it was a wooden shed, and we should have to use fire, there is a chance of burning. Now I am little confused with his point. If so, I am planning to replace it with a brick shed. What is your opinion?