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Hello Cookstove Community members! If you have a question for us and have already contacted Obadiah's via telephone, please put a note in your post. We receive quite a few inquiries every day, and this will help us streamline our responses so we can assist everyone in the most timely fashion.

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  • Garland?

    I'm new to collecting these, I'm a vintage electronics girl. Anyways I love this and wonder of people Can tell me more. Previous owner tells me it still works and upon inspection is wonderful , any help in a model number or possible value would be very helpful. Get back! Jennifer

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    Welcome to the cook stove community where we use our cook stoves daily. For most here, they are not hobbies, but "Hearth", the warm glow of a wood cook stove which has provided the family with its heat, hot water, meals, as well as many good times and found memories. In those rare cases where there is much sentimental value, folks will rebuild their stoves, because they love them.....however......
    I'm sorry, you came to the wrong place, we don't restore cook stoves here, few folks have the time to do the research from an age before the Internet. The companies have long since gone out of business and no parts are available. We have asked and asked for folks that do restore Antique Cookstoves, contribute here. Unfortunately it takes a ton of time to answer everyones questions, which is why I'm here now, well past midnight helping you.
    Around here, folks are using new stoves which we supply parts for.
    This gives them more time for family, friends and chores.

    So far the best folks I can send you to are our friends in Rhode Island at the Stove Hospital. They are a father and son operation with the same passion we have for new wood burning cook stoves......for the ones grandma used. They are very knowledgeable and fair. They have an excellent reputation as well as a vast supply of parts and antique stoves.

    If your looking for a state of the art cooker from Europe, or an American Anabaptist Cookstove, give Obadiah's a call, they have by far the largest selection of wood cookstoves, in the world. They are the most knowledgeable dealer as well as the one of the oldest, and they carry parts for everything they offer. Fireplaces, Biomass Boilers, Woodstoves, Furnaces, Gasifiers and even chimney systems.

    If your restoring an antique wood cook stove, call the folks at the Stove Hospital, click the link below.

    Good luck to you.
    The Stove Hospital. We sell Antique Stoves, antique wood stoves, antique gas stoves, coal stoves, parlor stoves. Original Restored Stoves. over 30 years of experience