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unwanted stove

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  • unwanted stove

    We're wanted to sell/get rid of an old gas/propane with 2 wood burners cookstove ca 1920s in working condition. I've read the disclaimer about this forum's main interest as being wood-fired only stoves. I'm wondering if there are any members out there who would be knowledgeable about any forums that may be able to provide help.

    If anyone reading this happens to be interested, I'm near Sacramento and can post pictures.

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    Welcome to the Cookstove Community.

    Please post pictures so folks can see what you have. There is a place on this website where you can do this for free as part of the service we provide here.
    Once it is posted there, it will be found all over the Internet. I added the link.
    Please provide all information on the stove and a picture of any tags that might be on the stove.
    Folks want to see the firebox and are looking for cracks and rust.
    If you don't provide enough information about the stove, you wont receive any response.

    If the stove is in good shape and someone has a sister to it, I'm sure they would be interested as source for parts as it usually takes at least two stoves to make one usable and the other is for parts.

    The other issue with the older stoves is the lack of a pilot or auto ignition system, which can be an explosion risk, however all this can be updated and newer gas burner systems can be retrofitted to more modern safer guts. It is very expensive to have done professionally.
    If you're looking to sell your stove, buy used, or just want to keep an eye out for rare and hard to find cookware, this is the place.