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    Hello all,

    I have three antique cook stoves, 2 gas and one wood I'm looking to get some info on as these belonged to my parents.
    We are planning on having an estate sale next month to clean out the house and I'm interested in keeping one of the gas stoves
    but planning on selling the other two. Any help you folks would pass on would be greatly appreciated.

    I'll apologize in advance for the pics, my brother took these with his crappy cell phone.

    First, the wood stove, The lettering on the oven door is "Wedgewood". Casting says Jas. Graham MFG San Francisco

    The pic only shows the bottom halve of the stove but it has a backing and boxed shelves/cabinets above.

    The porcelain is in great shape and the nickel is showing some rust. The inside of the stove is rusty as it hasnt been used in years.
    But not pitted rusty, lets call it weathered

    The first gas stove has "Superior "on the oven door and is a rather small stove, 3 burner, all in a row lengthwise
    with an additional burner/ flue for a coffee pot.
    Roughly 26w x 34t x 18d. Again this is white porcelain and nickel.

    What I'm looking for is appox value on these. I know some hunter would dig this for a cabin.

    Thanks in advance,
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