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Chimney Installation on an old wood stove.

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  • Chimney Installation on an old wood stove.

    I have two old wood burning (or coal?) stoves and would like to put one in my shop. How do I install the chimney from the stove to a conventional 6" pipe going up the roof? I know there are oval to round adapters, but does the adapter have to go on the inside of the oval opening on the stove? Any help would be appreciated. If it needs to be crimped to go inside the oval how does one do that?

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    I'd wager the oval adapter will go on the outside of the oval ring on the stove. That's how most I've seen are. Usually you don't need a specific adapter, either. Just "moosh" a 6" single wall pipe to the rough shape, and it should fit onto the oval with some "massaging".