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Moving a Vintage Cookstove

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  • Moving a Vintage Cookstove

    I am helping my elderly father move into a smaller house and he has a vintage cook stove. He wants to save the stove (the house is being demolished in a few weeks, but I can not figure out a way to get the stove out of the house in one piece... The stove is 32" deep and the door frame is 30" wide.) Three of us tried shifting it and it wouldn't budge. I started taking the stove apart, but before I get too involved in this process, I figured I better get some help if I ever wanted to put it back together again. Is there anyone out there who might have instructions/diagrams/pictures or a friend who has done this sort of thing before that might be able to give me some words of advice.
    Right now the stove is too wide and too heavy to get out of the house in one piece. I figure stripping it down would be my only option before giving up on it and letting it go with the house. Exterior-wise it is in great shape interior-wise it needs work but isn't completely roached or so far gone that it isn't worth a little effort.
    The picture is of one that looks somewhat similar, but isn't the exact model. Any help is appreciated.
    Feel free to email me at