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Walker & Pratt 60 cook stove?

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  • Walker & Pratt 60 cook stove?

    Hi folks,
    I’m working with a non profit Christian group that is remodeling an old run down country manor in New England as a retreat center. It was built in 1904 and the original cast iron cook stove is still in the kitchen and in surprisingly great shape. I found the attached photos online of the same model but I don’t currently have any photos of the stove itself.

    I’ve seen this same model online with a front panel that says “No. 6 Walker 1879” or “60 Walker 60” and “Walker & Pratt Manufacturing Boston” along the top of the stove.

    From the design I’m assuming it is a coal stove.

    Can you tell tell me anything about this stove, and relative value? The retreat house would like to sell the stove if it has collector value and buy a large modern efficient wood cook stove to install in the same place.

    Any input you you can offer would be immensely appreciated!

    God bless,