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Hello Cookstove Community members! If you have a question for us and have already contacted Obadiah's via telephone, please put a note in your post. We receive quite a few inquiries every day, and this will help us streamline our responses so we can assist everyone in the most timely fashion.

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Monarch Wood Burning Cookstove Parts?

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  • Monarch Wood Burning Cookstove Parts?

    I have a Monarch wood burning cook stove with enamel front doors. I need the handles for the wood door, the water reservoir door, the oven door, and the warming drawer. Where do I find them. Thanks so much. Judy
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    Welcome to the Cookstove Community,

    This Cookstove Community exist to share cookstove experiences and recipes.
    Very few of the folks here burn Antique Cookstoves because of a severe shortage of replacement parts and the high cost to have parts custom fabricated.
    Even though we are a hearty self sufficient bunch, few folks process a forge or the ability to cast their own replacement parts.
    Keeping an Antique stove operating safely is more than most folks here care to deal with.
    So they purchase new modern wood coal cookstoves that are far more efficient and cleaner burning too.
    Better yet, replacement parts can be had with a single phone call to Obadiah's as we offer parts for everything we provide or clients.

    At the Cookstove Community, we help folks with installation questions and burning issues. There are articles on this website on a wide range of topics like storing firewood properly, to connecting your wood cookstove to heat your domestic hot water. We give tips on how to clean up an old stove and make it look new again in the main part of this site under media and videos. We even let folks post their old stoves for sale here at no cost. Finding parts or information for stoves long out of production, were not going to be able to help you. This is why I asked the guys at the Stove Hospital to get involved here to answer questions, I have posted their info here so you can contact them directly. Tell them we sent you over.
    The Stove Hospital. We sell Antique Stoves, antique wood stoves, antique gas stoves, coal stoves, parlor stoves. Original Restored Stoves. over 30 years of experience