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  • Hot Stanley

    My new to me Waterford Stanley is having a hard time regulating temp.... OK, the problem is me and i need help. There is to much air getting in the firebox. With everything buttoned up the oven temp goes well North of 400° according to the factory thermometer. That means in all actuality, it's probably much hotter than that.

    I did add a water jacket to the back. One thought i had was there would be air flowing around the pipes. Have any of you WS wizards had this problem or maybe could suggest a remedy?


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    Yes serie.....that would likely be your trouble, not you so much......but sometimes I do have to wonder......

    Get some furnace cement in a tube that can handle 2000 degrees, smear some on both sides around the plumbing going through the firebox wall to seal out any combustion air getting into your firebox. Note furnace cement is hard like cement and will crack and fall out was things expand and contract over time. Which is why this process will need to be repeated in the future as you notice your issues returning again.

    Next check all the gaskets on your doors. Close the doors on a dollar bill, you should be able to pull the bill back out with the doors latched tight. If the bill pulls out without any drag on any part of your door as you work your way around, its time to either adjust the latch or hinges if your stove is so equipped, if not, replace your gaskets.

    Let me know how much this helps please.


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      Aww dang...i was afraid that to be the case. Extracting the stove from the plumbing is a chore.

      wish i had a dollar bill... I'll have to think of an acceptable substitute.