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Parts damged - tool needed for stanley cookstove-

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  • Parts damged - tool needed for stanley cookstove-

    I was told that it would be 3 to 6 months to get the hook that lifts up the stanley cookstove fire box lid to put wood into the box. I need it now!Does anyone know where to buy this part ?
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    Welcome to the Cookstove Community.
    Call Obadiah's 800 968 8604 and ask for a Lifting Tool - B00140AXX for a Waterford Stanley Cooker and we'll check inventory for you. If we have one in stock it will be yours as fast as we can ship it to you. We have two warehouses with Waterford Stanley Parts, one in the US and one in Canada that we can pull from. If we don't have it, it would be 6 to 8 weeks to get one from Ireland. We generally stock parts for every stove we sell as a service to our clients, especially things that can get lost if you have little folks running around the house.
    In which case you could take a 12" section of steel rod, and bend your own tool so you will have something to use in the meantime. Even a large flathead screw driver would work in a pinch.
    Hope this helps.
    In case you cant find your owners manual I have provided the link so you can get the part numbers we would need to order parts for your cook stove.
    For those who are curious you can find more information on our website about the "Stanley Errigal Solid Fuel 47K Cooker Boiler & Non Boiler" wood cook stove which is the technical name for your cooker.

    We have the owners manual with the parts break down which I have linked this thread to, so it can be found by others looking for parts who may not have an owners manual for the Stanley Cooker, here.
    For those who just might have one laying around and does not know what it is your looking for, I have also provided a picture.
    Who knows you might get lucky.....

    The Waterford Stanley Wood Burning Cookstove combines the benefits of cast iron cooking and the heat of wood burning into a traditional design. Large oven capable of cooking a turkey!
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      Here is the picture I received in an email from my office concerning the missing lid lifter. The Homemade Lid Lifter in the picture is what I described for you to make if you could not wait until we can get one shipped. It would seem that someone else lost your original, Lifting Tool - B00140AXX and made this one in its place. We now also have a picture of what you will need to make, if you need a "Lid Lifter" yesterday.

      For folks whom have also suffered the loss of their Lid Lifter, this should work for any stove, you simply have to shape the end to fit your stove, some have a little bar in a slot, some have a hole the hook slides into and wedges into. Whatever your case, creating a replacement lifting handle is not brain surgery or rocket science. Simple common sense and a few materials is all you need to be cookin with a real wood fire in your home or cabin.
      For those not so handy, anything that fits in the hole and allows you the ability to lift the lid, would work.

      For folks who purchase or own 20 yr old cookstoves,
      Please be aware......Amazon Prime is NOT going to drop off a stove part via a Drone, to your door, the next day, anytime soon.

      Keep us posted.
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