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Help choosing a stove

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  • Help choosing a stove

    Hello, I am located in Oklahoma and I would like to buy a wood burning stove. I have already called Obadiah's, but I am still confused as to which stove would fit our situation. We are building a new house and would love to have a cookstove to heat at least partially and definitely cook and bake. I am partial to La Nordica stoves, but I am intrigued by the Cuisiniere SE. So right now I am considering La Rosa XXL, the Suprema, the Cuisiniere SE.
    1. Which of these stoves has the largest output? The house is big, around 4000 sqft ( I know I can't heat it all)
    2. What is better between outside air intake and ambient intake? I am afraid that ambient intake would draw air in making other parts of the house that are not close to the stove cold. Is it worth an extra $2000 for the special pipe from Duravent to get air from outside? Which would also limit my choice of stoves to ones with outside air capability.

    I am looking forward to hearing from anyone in the community who could help me out.

    Thank you!

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    Hello Aleviola,

    To answer your first question, the Cuisiniere SE has the largest output of those three stoves. The heat output stats are as follows:
    • Cuisiniere SE: Up to 95,000 BTU/hr.
    • Rosa XXL: Up to 29,000 BTU/hr.
    • Suprema: Up to 27,000 BTU/hr.

    As to your second question, that's something that Woody would be able to answer best.


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      From Woody, regarding whether outside air intake or ambient intake is better:

      "Outside air is only important in extremely tight spaces and most wood cookstoves do not have a positive connection for outside air to the firebox like all current EPA stoves have. Therefore, the Direct Vent Stove Pipe from DuraVent is not what you need. This system brings combustion air in through the chimney and feeds it directly into the firebox.

      My advice is to use a Condar Air Supply Ventilator kit ( for outside air through the wall. It can be turned on or off, and should be installed behind the cookstove or as close to it as possible."


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        Unfortunately the stove has to go against an interior wall, therefore I would not have access to direct outside air. Our builder builds pretty tight homes and that is why we opted for the stove vs a fireplace. He doesn't usually put stoves in, so when he designed the house he didn't make a provision for the stove to go on an outside wall. We are in the sheetrocking phase, so it is definitely too late to change the plan now. The guy who would be installing it has an idea about installing a separate pipe to go up along side the exhaust pipe. When he talked to Duravent, they told him that their system would not work because the pipe has to go through two stories and then the attic and the roof and it would not draw properly. We are truly racking our brains as to what to do before scrapping the whole idea. A wood stove was one of the main features I wanted in the house. Any advice is appreciated.