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finding the right cook stove for a tiny house

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  • finding the right cook stove for a tiny house

    hi all, I'm Erik, aka Skookum Magoo, and I recently purchased some property in the Cascade mountains of Washington state, where I will be building a tiny house.

    I am a bit of a wood stove aficionado, and believe that off grid is the way to go. I have electrical hookups available, but, will use it minimally, most likely for an insta-hot water heater, and for the workshop already on property, but not much else. to clarify, this is not going to be one of those tiny houses on wheels, just happens to be where I'm at, anything under 200 sqr ft doesn't need a building permit, so... its gonna be under 200 square foot! I most likely will use this as a weekend cabin, so, the desire to keep things super simple, is strong. being up in the mountains, its more or less going to be my weekend ski cabin, as I'm 15 minutes from a ski area, and winter temps get single digits or worse, but being a tiny house (under 200 sqr ft) space is of the utmost importance, rather, conserving and maximizing space, and by contemporary design, a house would have a cooking area, a sitting area, and a heat source, but in my mind, I aim to reduce the need for a separate heating source and cooking area, hence the reason why I am here.

    that is the cabin I will most likely be building, and at 173 square foot, a candle could heat that place on most days, however I am not 100% on any design yet... no matter the design however, it will remain under 200sqr/ft

    I have a hunting tent that is 12x12 (144 sqr ft) that has a small cylinder stove, and it doesn't take much to heat even with thin fabric walls, so, I understand how quickly an insulated structure will heat up, but I really desire a small cook stove with oven for heating and cooking.

    the way I see it, being mainly used for a winter ski shack, its gonna be cold when I get there, cold when I wake up, and cold when I come in after a day on the hill, and definitely cold at night, so, the idea of being able to crank up a small stove, pop something melty and gooey (loaded scaloped taters anybody? or, maybe a small chicken, or grouse, or even bread and cookies) in the oven, and cook something in a pan on top, eat, and kick back, and be warm all night, definitely has its appeal. the question just comes down to finding the right stove to fit such a small environment

    the first stove that comes to mind is a Navigator Stove Works Halibut, boat cook stove, but at a price tag of around 5000$ all said and done for something that size, I realize that I can get a top of the line Amish full size range... at that price point, it is just out of the question

    the next thought is a Dickenson Bering diesel fueled cook stove, which is the size I want, and being a commercial fisherman and sailor, ive definitely grown to appreciate that stove, however, it is an oil burning stove, and it is inevitable to need to change fuel filters, mess with burn chambers and carburetors, it works great, for a limited time, until its needing servicing, and while it may be trivial and minimal for many years, the idea of having something burning diesel indoors, is less than ideal. works great on boats, because that's what its made for, but for a house, I would have to facilitate an exterior fuel tank and transporting of fuel. no big deal honestly, just one more thing that I would prefer not to deal with...

    ive seen some older marine cook stoves in that size range, but, that is about where my knowledge of traditional cook stoves ends.

    back to my hunting tent, I have a cylinder stove, and it has a chimney oven, which really holds heat in on the times ive taken it out in single digits in the high country for late fall hunts, but id prefer not to go that route for an indoor stove.

    I realize that I am looking for something very specific, but, I would love any input I can get

    might be on a goose chase....