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    Hi all,
    We've been cooking and heating with wood cook stoves for almost 20 years on a variety of stoves. We're looking to upgrade to a stove that better suits our needs and am hoping you all could offer us some advice.
    Our first stoves were Mealmaster brand. We found they were very good for cooking both on the stove top and baking but not great for heating. The small fire box and low thermal mass helped the stove heat quickly for cooking but the lack of airtight firebox didn't help much for overnight burns. A 3 hour max burn time was about all we could get out of it. It would heat the space but needed lots of attention.
    Our current stove is a Bakers Choice. It heats really well with its large airight firebox but is not a great cook stove. By the time the stove top is hot enough to use it is difficult to stand next to the stove because of excess heat. It also takes longer and more wood to get it up to cooking temperature than the Mealmaster.
    Ideally we would like a stove that combined the best qualities of both. It needs to be fast, efficient and easy to cook with, not just a stove top to warm up a pot of soup but designed to really be used in a kitchen. It also needs to be a good heater with long burn times and a decent size firebox.
    Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    BAkers Choice Mealmaster