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Hate Having to Clean my Glass Top Stove ! Options ?

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  • Hate Having to Clean my Glass Top Stove ! Options ?

    Well, do I have to throw the damn stove away, or is there an alternative to this glass cook top stove (samsung)
    I am sick and tired of cleaning all the spills and grease off it with a razor blade ! Ok, I know I should have bought
    a gas stove, which would have been easier to clean ! Ok, am I Effed or is there any alternative ?

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    Hi, dmypub!

    Since I'm in the same boat as you, here are some suggestions:

    - Clean it after every use, don't cook again with a stain on it.
    - Make sure the bottom of your pan/pot/skillet is absolutely clean. I rinse mine off after washing washing with very hot water. Anything on the bottom will stain up on the burner.
    - Use a bit lower heat setting.

    Accept that some stains will take a couple cleanings before they will be gone.

    Good luck!