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My New Kitchen Queen 380 is Up and Burning!

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  • My New Kitchen Queen 380 is Up and Burning!

    I'm elated to have received my KQ 380 (aka - Cabin Queen). I have a small farm house in Kentucky, so the 380 is the perfect size to heat our home. This (old) house has always been heated with wood, so luckily, we were able to do a middle of the room type of install..replacing the wood heating stove. I must admit I had the jitters the very 1st time I lighted a fire in her...only because I never had a stove similar to this before. By the 2nd fire, I already felt like an old pro! Our 1st meal cooked on my KQ was fried cabbage with polish sausage. What was I thinking? Making a dish I've never cooked before on a wood burning cook stove I've never cooked on before? No guts - no glory! Supper was a total success on all parts I'm happy to report. Here's a pic of my beauty - center stage! Note this is a center of the room install..easy access to the rear clean out door and no need for heat shields on the sides. Plenty of room all around.

    Notice the white kitty found a comfy, warm place to snooze near the Kitchen Queen.