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Ait tight drolet to same size mini cook stove

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  • Ait tight drolet to same size mini cook stove

    Hi all:

    New here.

    My 1996 drolet wood stove (1600 sqft, 24 wide X 32deep) heater is sitting obliquely in the corner of my dining room(log walls at 90 degrees). We have
    used it a week for toast,coffee and everything else during ice storm 97. We use it all the time for heating in winter. The top plate gets hot enough to
    cook on once it's heated. It does not have openings for pots, just a 1/4" steel plate top. I wood like to put the same 1600 sq ft size capacity cook
    stove/w upper oven in that spot. They make them real antique style these days. My wife thinks their cute. We feel the ambiance of the antique style
    stove would sell the house better than a drab square air tight.

    I have a 4X4 barrier tin on each wall (1/2insulated) with spacer tubing of 2" on the each walls for proximity protection of the log walls.

    Our choice was a J.A. Roby 'Centauri' wood stove but it is 1800 sqft capacity, and the insurance is a real stickler with wood
    stoves, and they would make us change the specs of our placement. Not a problem except that we have clay tiles on a 1/4" backer
    that is also nailed to a new hardwood floor underneath. Replacement would leave visible nail holes on the floor.

    So we are looking for a small antique looking wood cookstove that is roughly 25W X 32D deep or around that that only heats to 1600 sqft. Would need to
    be available in Ontario has shipping weight cost would be be a great expense. I can pick it up with car trailer.

    We appreciate the help and advice.