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    I've been trying out a lot of bread recipes on our Kitchen Queen. Right now I'm looking for those shiny, crusty, lofty loaves you see for $5 in the deli department. Here's one that was very easy and really worked well, from King Arthur flour (Woody's cookie post reminded me of it).

    The neat thing about this recipe is you make up enough dough for 3-4 loaves, then keep it in your fridge for up to a week. So it's really a recipe for a week's worth of fresh crusty homemade bread, in a very convenient package. A loaf will run you about, maybe, 40 cents. And it's delicious!

    -- Cast iron works well in place of the pizza stone.
    -- Don't neglect the pan of water in the bottom of the oven - together with the cast iron, it makes that deli crust happen.
    -- I don't have a 6-quart mixing vessel, and the ones shown are pretty pricey for plastic... so I used a 1-gallon ice cream bucket. The dough rose right up to the top, but it didn't overflow. I just kept my eye on it and was ready to split it up if it needed.
    A crusty, golden loaf, moist inside and filled with flavor.

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    Thanks, my daughter "Nicki the Baker" used to make her ole dad home made bread in our Kitchen Queen and I really loved the smell of it baking in the oven and the taste of warm bread with home made butter from the neighbors cow. Nothing like it, kinda like a little heaven on earth.....Yummie!


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      To make that deli crust I find a splash of water in the oven at the start of the bake and an extra 5 mins back in the oven but out of the tin works for me.


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        Great photo! Thanks for sharing Salamander stove man, it looks delicious.