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  • Help with JA Roby Cuisiniere

    Hello all, I'm new to wood cookstoves but have been using older style woodstoves my whole life. I have recently took the plunge (the very expensive plunge :P) and purchase a brand new Cuisiniere. These stoves are made by a company in Quebec Canada and the instructions aren't the best.... they look like someone put the french instruction through Google Translate....

    Here are my issues;
    1 - Everytime I light the stove I have to leave the door open a crack for about 30-40 minutes before I can finally close it, otherwise the fire box smokes up like crazy. It's like it doesnt want to draw at all.
    2 - When the stove finally starts to burn decently I can't get the oven up above 300F , no matter what I do that sucker hovers right at 290-300.

    If anybody has one of these stoves or has experience with one then please enlighten me with some wisdom. In our new home this is going to be our only source of heat and our only way to cook and the way things are right now I would have been better of welding up my own woodstove instead of spending a small fortune on this one.

    Thanks in advance,

    edit: Fixed issue number 1, the chimney wasn't drafting well. Still can't get the oven up past 300F.
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