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    My family has been using our Modern Clarion for over 3 decades now with great success. The date code on the top is 8-18. It was always used to cook one of the two turkeys my late mother in law would cook for Thanksgiving and again on Christmas each year. This is the first year that I have done the pre-season cleaning of the internals of this stove. Regardless of this, the stove seems to be running smokier than in the past. The chimney is clean as I swept it, emptied the clean out, and checked the flue with the mirror...all clear. Same goes for the stove pipe itself. I vacuumed out as much of the interior of the stove as possible...every air passage I could reach. When we use the stove for heating alone we typically use it on oven mode with the oven door open to get as much heat from it as possible once a goot hot fire has been established.

    My suspicion is that the cavity under the oven is partially obstructed. I did I am seeing two floor panels that run from left to right in the oven. I am almost certain I could remove the oven floor as one piece if I did so. I have raked the belly out through the port at the ash pan but I feel the work could be done more completely if I could remove the floor of the oven. There are two screws that appear to hold the panels in place and a third that seems to be keeping the seam between them held together in the center of the seam. I have never seen these panels removed for cleaning. I cannot get any of the screws to loosen. If I were certain the screws to either side had nuts affixing them I would cut or grind their heads off and replace them. I believe that the center screw should be removed in any way that would require replacement of it. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to locate one.

    Does anyone know for certain that cutting the heads off of the two screws will allow the remainder of the screw to simply drop into the belly of the stove at which point I could replace them with new ones afterwards?