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In our collection of Kitchen Queen videos, Obadiah’s Woody Chain explains the Kitchen Queen 380 Wood Cook Stove. Find out for yourself how the stove works as Woody gives you a step-by-step tour of the Queen.

Watch Woody as he takes his faithful Queen of a dozen years and restores her back to her original glory after being abandoned in a shed for several years by her pervious owners. Woody brought her to the shop and ran her through several test to see if he could melt her and she turned red, but held her true form, winning Woody’s heart even more. He has now set about repairing her and restoring her, a labor of love for his youngest daughter.

Woody walks you through the various aspects of the stove and what makes the Kitchen Queen such a good choice for the off-the-grid kind of lifestyle verses some of the other cookstoves on the market. He exposes all her secrets of why true beauty is more than skin deep. She is a real work horse behind the scene, never complains or demands much attention, despite being a Queen.

You’ll also see how to move the Kitchen Queen in these videos: Tipping the scales at close to 700 pounds (for the smaller 380 model), this stove is built like a boiler with heavy gauge plate steel, ready to see years of trouble free service. You will see how well the Kitchen Queen burns, what kind of burn times you can expect, as well as how much wood we use, and much more. Woody. You will see the readings taken with a special Thermosensing gun that Woody uses to read surface temps as he shows you what the readings are on and in the stove. He then, finally, shows you how to restore her cooktop.

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