Cookstove Community Cook-off Kick-off

In an effort to launch our new Cookstove Community we are going to start with a “Wood Cookstove Cook-Off Kick-Off”.

We will be having three competitions in one with separate prizes that can be won. The contest runs through the rest of this year and ends Jan 1st 2014. Prizes will be awarded by Feb 1st 2014. First prize in each division is $100. Second and third place will be a matter of choice until all the prizes have been awarded.

If other companies wish to contribute prizes other than Obadiah’s Woodstoves, we will accept them and award them as part of our promotion providing the contributor with some free PR in return.

The Cookstove Community will judge the following based on originality, creativeness, and functionality:

1. The best looking cookstove installation.
2. The best looking feast prepared on a wood cookstove.
3. Children’s best picture of their family’s cookstove or a poem or song written about their stove.

To enter: Sign up on the Cookstove Community Forum and pick out a user name that fits you and your beloved stove. We will have a topic on the forum called “Cookstove Cook-off Competition,” there you can post a photo of your feast or cookstove installation, and tell us what makes it worthy of a vote for the best.

We welcome pictures that are clear 700 x 700 pixels and less than one megabyte. If you have technical issues uploading your pictures to the forum you can e-mail them to us here , and we will fix them and get them online for you. Videos are also welcome, just upload them to YouTube and post the link on the competition thread.

New to forums? Not sure what to call yourself? Here are some examples for usernames: Let’s say your name is Kerry and you have a Kitchen Queen, you could chose “Kerry Kitchen Queen”, if you’re a guy it could be “Kerry Kitchen King.” Be creative and original, the idea is to have some fun. Another example is “Bonnie Bun Baker”, or “Bakers Oven Betsy”, the more original the name the better chance you have to win, heck we may just give out a prize for the best name if we get some creative ones.
About The Best Looking Cookstove Installation

When submitting your photo, please tell us a bit about the stove: Why you chose to install your stove the way you did, if there’s history behind the stove, how long it’s been in the family, how did you find it, did you restore it, etc. Here are some pictures of various installs that we found interesting. These are all Kitchen Queen Cookstoves, as they are what we sell the most of, so we have the most pictures of them:


One customer installed a copper hood over their cookstove to suck out the heat in the summer when they cook on it.


Another made leg extenders to raise the stove to be level with the counter.


Another customer did a beautiful job of creating a masterpiece out of some rock and tiles she had, creating a work of art behind her stove.
About The Best Looking Feast

If your gift is cooking and baking and not so much the installation of your stove, you can still win! Send us a picture of your Thanksgiving or Christmas feast that you have prepared for yourself, your family, your friends, or whomever, and tell us a bit about it.

For example “Bun Baker Bonnie” may submit a picture of her family sitting down to a feast of roast Goose that her sons when out and harvested with a special homemade cheese cake that grandma Pioneer Princess Pam has made that is a generational favorite. Or Olivia Oval could show a video of her family digging in to a Thanksgiving Feast on “Eddie Bull” that was part of their children’s 4H entry that won a blue ribbon.

Perhaps Sally Sweetheart and Wilma Waterford put on a joint Christmas meal at the local community center for the elderly and folks with no place to go, videotaping the affair with the Christmas Carols that we sung by the local children.
About The Children’s Contest

For the Children we will have a special contest for the best picture of their family’s cookstove or a poem or song written about their stove.

Best Looking Cookstove:
First place: $100.
Second place: First choice of prizes.
Third place: Second choice of prizes.

Best Looking Feast:
First place: $100.
Second place: First choice of prizes.
Third place: Second choice of prizes.

Prizes to choose from:

If more prizes are donated, they will be added to the list.

6 thoughts on “Cookstove Community Cook-off Kick-off

  1. Woody Chain

    I hope folks will enjoy this friendly competition and get involved to kick this site off in a grand fashion, this is your community, I hope you will enjoy it and use it well. The more interest we get, the more sponsors I’ll get to make it a rewarding experience.

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  5. Woody Chain

    Greetings folks, I apologize that you have not heard from me in a while, My wife and I took a break and got away for a while to recharge our batteries.

    Wow! what a great bunch of entries into this contest, I am very impressed.
    This was very hard to judge which would be the winners, as far as I am concerned they are all 1st prize,
    As we did not have very many entries everyone who entered won something so it was a win win for everyone who took the time.
    Next year, I can see this being very hard to judge so as the forum grows, next year I will leave the judging up to you guys.
    To make it easier I just took the liberty to be the judge here.

    Here are the winners!

    Childrens Category-
    1st Place Prize $100- Sarah’s son Owen for his poem
    2nd Place Prize choice- Sarah’s son Phoenix for his drawing

    Installation Category- This was really hard because we had 3 excellent installations each worthy of 1st prize I could not make up my mind so I just had 3 first place winners.
    1st Place Prize $100- Jessica Peill-Meininghaus
    1st Place Prize $100- Now Your Cooking With Wood
    1st Place Prize $100- Rainer Rob
    2nd Place Prize Choice- Doug Hollands
    3rd Place Prize Choice- AKBear

    Feast Category- Folks you did great on the installs, but where are my cooks and bakers?
    1st Place Prize $100- Now Your Cooking With Wood (great feast by the way, my mouth is still watering)

    Thanks to everyone who has participated in the Cookstove Community Cookoff.
    We’ll begin taking entries now for next years Cookoff, you can post your installations and your feasts, this time next year the people in this Cookstove Community will go back through the year and look at the post here and cast a vote. Those with the most votes will win.

  6. Pearl

    I have a Great Majesttic that I do not use at present time. It is black and chrome. Chrome legs and drying bar. It does not have a water heater. I love it. I cooked on it for many years. I am 75 and my husband passed away. I would like to sell it to someone who would love it as I do.
    Your web sight has made me remember the good old days. I would like to do it over again. I thought those were hard days, my children were at home then. Now I find they werr the g
    ood days. My sons remember coming home from school to get those left over bisquits; from the warming oven. There was fresh milk,butter and wonderful buttermilk and fresh eggs to cook with. I could go on and on but I won’t. thanks for the memories


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