Kitchen Queen Leg Extenders

Kitchen Queen Leg Extenders 3 by Obadiah's

Obadiah’s is always happy to help Cookstove owners with unique design requests or issues, which many folks know by the custom heat-shields we offer. So after getting a few requests to make the Kitchen Queen stand a bit higher up, we’ve decided to look into making custom leg extenders. These extenders will help get your stove flush with counter-tops if need be, and ease up some of the back-bending involved with using a cookstove. We’re currently talking with our fabricator about the details and aren’t offering any for sale just yet, but check out the photos below to see what we’re thinking! And of course, if you have any questions just shoot Obadiah’s Woodstoves an email or give us a call.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Queen Leg Extenders

  1. Bob Anderson

    Hi I recently bought a kitchen queen 480 from your company. Great stove but I thought of extending the legs too. I was going to get the stove up an additonal 7 or 8 inches. At that height your cook top would be between 39 and 40 inches. That’s the same height as my electric stove and counter top. How long are the extenders you guys are going to fabricate. They look about 4 to 6 inches going by the picture you posted. Thanks Bob Anderson


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