Woody on American Preppers Network Radio

American Preppers Network

This past weekend Obadiah’s Woody Chain was featured on the American Preppers Broadcasting Network radio show “The Other side… A Preppers Path”. American Preppers Network is an online community that shares our enthusiasm for self-sufficiency, believing that every American should be able to handle any disaster or difficulties that come their way. Unlike many organizations associated with prepping, APN stays firmly rooted in reality and promotes education above all. We’re proud to work with American Preppers Network, and hope we can do so again soon.

The episode, “Wood Burning 101 and Alternatives!” covers everything from the history of cookstoves, the basics behind using a wood cookstove, Woody’s involvement with wildfire fighting, and some of the history behind Obadiah’s. It’s a great episode, and if you’re interested in cookstoves it’s well worth a listen. Check it out below:

To read more about the episode and see the American Preppers Network site, click here.

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