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Welcome to the Cookstove Community’s Bun Baker videos collection! Obadiah’s Woodstoves and Alternative Energy introduced the Baker’s Oven Cookstove (known in its homeland of Australia as the “Nectre”) to American customers way back in 1999. Folks absolutely love this stove: They are well built, burn long, cook great, and the heating ability is very impressive. The only drawback of the Baker’s Oven is the small firebox, so we wrapped it in soapstone and called it the “Bun Baker”. With the soapstone installed, the peaks of the burn even out and provide a much more comfortable heat.

Watch these Bun Baker videos as the Obadiah’s team take you through the transformation from the Baker’s Oven to the Bun Baker, all within a travel coach. In this series, you’ll learn not only how to install the soapstone, but also how to properly clean your chimney, install a draw collar to compensate for a short chimney, adjust the airwash for maximum effective burns, and get some valuable tips on the best way to load and burn this great stove.

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