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Modern wood cookstoves are extremely popular these days, and not just for their looks- technological advances have given many manufacturers the ability to create some truly robust cookstoves. In these videos, Obadiah’s shows you some all of the bells & whistles found on some of the most popular models. Modern wood cookstoves like the Kitchen Queen and the La Nordica make smart use of air flow by working with the physics of smoke rather than against them, creating a stove that burns cleaner and more efficiently.

We know that many folks have antique or classic-style cookstoves that have been burning for decades, and we love those too, but for those craving a more modern look and feel, please give these stoves a look! As with anything, modern wood cookstoves have their own unique pros and cons, but we won’t hestitate to show you the truth behind each of these cookers.

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The Vermont Bun Baker/Baker’s Oven:

La Nordica:

The Flame View:

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