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Esse Bakeheart Wood Cook Stove

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The Bakeheart wood cook stove is Esse’s latest entry into the cook stove market and is built with the same principles as their most famous stove, the Esse Ironheart. The Bakeheart offers the same robust construction and classic look as the Ironheart, but with a space-saving stacked design that places the firebox above the oven and allows for more versatile installations.

Esse Bakeheart Wood Cook StoveWhen it comes to preparing meals, the Bakeheart is a top notch cook stove. The cooktop on the Bakeheart features a four zone hob along with graduated temperature hotplate technology that allows for easy and thorough cooking, and the oven’s spacious 1952 cubic inches can handle just about anything you throw at it. The Bakeheart is perfect for both chefs in need of a compact cook stove and anyone looking for an easy to use, quality wood fired stove for their home kitchen.

Like the Ironheart before it, the Bakeheart is capable of putting out serious heat (17,060 BTUs) with a firebox capable of holding logs up to 15 inches in length. The Bakeheart also supports the addition of a domestic boiler, which means you can provide hot water to your household while keeping warm by the fire.

The Esse Bakeheart is UL tested for the United States and EPA approved.

Esse Bakeheart Wood Cook Stove Specifications

Width 19.7″
Depth 23.6″
Height 35.4″
Flue 6″
Weight 430 lbs
Oven Dimensions 13.8″ W x 7.8″ H x 17.7″ D
Log Length 15.7″
Average BTU’s Approx. 17,060 BTU’s
Efficiency 77%
Graduated Temperature Hotplate 374 – 572°F


Side 15.7″ – To Combustibles
Rear 19.7″ – To Combustibles
Top 19.7″ – To Combustibles



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