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The Warmheart is Esse’s new, compact wood cook stove model, built to the same robust standards as their legendary Ironheart line. Unlike other Esse cook stoves, the Warmheart is aimed at customers who do not need a traditional oven and prefer a stove with a smaller profile. However, there is still plenty of cooking to be done with the Warmheart: A detachable grill can be added to the firebox, perfect for grilling a delicious steak, and the four zone hob with graduated temperature hotplate technology makes it a breeze to utilize the cooktop for everything from searing to toasting. Whether you’re a small restaurant with limited space, or just looking for a compact cooking solution for your home kitchen, the Warmheart has plenty to offer.

Esse Warmheart Wood Cook Stove with GrillThe Esse Warmheart features the same fantastic firebox as the Bakeheart, offering up to 17,060 BTUs and accommodating logs up to 15.7″. The Warmheart also supports the addition of a domestic boiler, which means you can provide hot water to your household while keeping warm by the fire.

If you’re after something even more compact than the Warmheart, the Warmheart S is also available from Esse. The Warmheart S features the same dimensions and profile as the regular Warmheart, minus the cooktop lid and towel rack, allowing for a further reduction in space and weight.

The Esse Warmheart and Esse Warmheart S are both UL tested for the United States and EPA approved.

Esse Warmheart Wood Cook Stove Specifications

Width 19.7″
Depth 23.6″
Height 27.2″
Flue 6″
Weight 342 lbs
Oven Dimensions 13.8″ W x 7.8″ H x 17.7″ D
Log Length 15.7″
Average BTU’s Approx. 17,060 BTU’s
Efficiency 77%


Side 13.8″ – To Combustibles
Rear 15.7″ – To Combustibles
Top 19.7″ – To Combustibles

Esse Warmheart Photos

Esse Warmheart S Photos


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