Fuel & Firewood

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Burning firewood can be a tricky deal if you don’t know what you’re doing. In these videos, Obadiah’s gives you some tips on how to stack your firewood for seasoning, how to know when it’s ready to burn, and some other important tips. It takes about a year in the West to season firewood, and east coast hardwoods can take twice as long, so planning ahead with your wood is important. If you try to cut corners, all your time, effort, and money will be going up in smoke. For every cup of water in a stick of cord-wood, it takes 3-4 cups of dry wood to boil it out of the wood as steam in order for the wood to combust. Unseasoned wood also builds creosote much faster, and will burn at over 2000 degrees. Burning damp green wood is a very bad idea, and most chimney fires are caused by laziness. To make sure you’re using the best possible fuel for your cookstove, we show you how to avoid the pitfalls and get a jump on the learning curve.

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