About The Cookstove Community

The family tradition of a sharing a home-cooked meal around a fire is dear to many of us, and at the center of that tradition is the cookstove. Combing wood heat and an oven, the cookstove has been a staple of homes across the world for over a hundred years. For good reason, too: The ability to simultaneously heat a household and cook a meal with that heat is often an economical solution to the hardships of life in cold climates.

However, cookstoves have come to represent something more than practicality. In an age where technology is pulling us in more directions than we can count whether we like it or not, a cookstove allows for a surprising amount of self-sufficiency. It’s easy to forget how many external forces one relies on just to stay warm and cook a meal, but a cookstove puts all of that in your hands. To own a cookstove is to embrace a lifestyle rooted in independence.

That’s why, in 2013, Obadiah’s Woodstoves & Alternative Energy created the Cookstove Community. After selling cookstoves for over two decades, we wanted to give back to the countless fine folks we’ve met along the way who are just enthusiastic about them as we are. The Cookstove Community is a place for learning and sharing, where anyone who loves wood cookstoves can come to find information and ask questions.

So pull up a chair, have a look around, and say hello. 🙂

About Obadiah’s Woodstoves & Alternative Energy

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