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Our Featured Stoves

There are many fine cookstoves on the market, but several models and lines stand above the rest. Not only are each of these cookstoves exceptional in quality, but they all offer something unique that has made them a favorite of the Cookstove Community.

featured manufacturer
La Nordica Cook Stoves

La Nordica hails from Italy and the prestigious culinary history of the Italians really shines through in their stoves.

Featured Stove
The Hearthstone Deva 100 Wood Cookstove

A nice mid-sized cookstove that hides a real workhorse.

Featured Manufacturer
J.A. Roby Cookstoves

With over thirty years now behind them, J.A. Roby knows a thing or two about making quality stoves, and their wood burning cookstoves are no exception.

Featured Stove
Sopka Cookstoves

For folks who love the La Nordica line’s look but want a cookstove that can stand up to the challenge of long-term heating, Sopka’s stoves are the ticket.

Featured Stove
The Bakers Oven & Bun Baker Cookstove

The Bakers Oven is more than just a compact cookstove because it offers a feature found in hardly any other stove on the market: Soapstone veneer.

Featured Stove
The Esse Ironheart Wood Cookstove

The Esse Ironheart has been a staple of British cookstoves since 1854, and as a testament to their durability, many of Esse’s earliest coal-fired stoves are still in use today. Like the Ironheart name says, “She can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.”

Featured Stove
Rizzoli Wood Cookstoves

100% made in Italy, Rizzoli wood cookstoves offer all of the quality craftsmanship we’ve come to expect from the country’s other forays into wood heating and cooking.