• wood heat tax credit 2023

    Tax Credit For Wood and Pellet Heaters: 2023 Update

    Wood heat users may be aware that a significant tax credit was available for qualifying wood heaters purchased between January 1, 2021 and December…

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  • Congress Increases Tax Credit for Wood Heat Users: 2022 Update

    Tax Credit For Wood and Pellet Heaters: 2022 Update

    Any wood heaters purchased or installed between 2021-2023 may be eligible for a tax credit of up to 26% if they meet a few…

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  • Congress Increases Tax Credit for Wood Heat Users

    Congress Increases Tax Credits For Wood and Pellet Heaters

    Good news for wood heat users! On December 28 2020, Congress passed and President Trump signed into law the largest energy spending bill in…

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  • Rizzoli Cookstoves - banner - Cookstove Community

    Rizzoli Cookstoves

    Last month, Obadiah’s Woodstoves showed you how we sent Sarah Chain to Italy back in the spring to visit the Progetto Fuoco hearth show…

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  • Progetto Fuoco Verona 2018

    At Obadiah’s Woodstoves, we never want our product lines to stagnate. The cookstove market is always growing and, as a leading dealer of cookstoves…

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  • Hot Water From a Wood Cookstove

    Hot Water From A Wood Cookstove, New Videos!

    “How do I get hot water from a wood cookstove?” is one of the most common questions that Obadiah’s regularly answers. The idea of…

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  • JA Roby - EPA Certified Cookstoves - Cookstove Community

    Introducing EPA Certified Cookstoves from J.A. Roby!

    When it comes to cookstoves and EPA regulations, there is no shortage of confusion. While the latest regulations found in the New Source Performance…

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  • Wood Heat Tax Credit - Obadiah's Cookstove Community

    Tax Credit Available For Wood Heat Users!

    Filing your taxes is hardly a good time, and as we approach the deadline, many of us are looking for any break we can…

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  • EPA ordered to freeze activit

    Trump Administration Orders Temporary Freeze on EPA Activity

    As the administration changes in the United States, many federal organizations have been ordered to freeze activities until they can be reviewed by new…

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  • Cookstove Custom Range Hood Installation by Obadiah's - Cookstove Community

    Custom Range Hoods Now Available

    So you have a cookstove, but what about a range hood? No matter what brand of cookstove sits in your kitchen or living area,…

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