Cookstove Quesadillas

Cookstove Quesadillas - Cookstove Community
This is the first time I’ve made quesadillas since we installed the Kitchen Queen, having spent the interim trying to push her limits (haven’t yet). We used to have them at least once a week… before the Queen stole my heart, and hijacked my imagination.

The big steel cooktop is a natural for these – but you could cook them on the hood of your car on a hot day if you needed to. They are not demanding.

Cookstove Quesadillas - Cookstove Community

Or is it Enchilada?

We like them spicy, so first I always slather some Cholula on the tortillas and spread it around with a butter knife. (Technically, I think, this also makes them “enchiladas”.) Then shredded cheese. Pepper jack… free chiles. If we’re feeling fancy, I sometimes add deli chicken which can be soaked in Cholula, or better yet, spicy shredded chicken leftover from another day’s homemade tacos. (Technically, I think, this makes them “empanadas”.) Top them off with another tortilla, and griddle each side till slightly toasty.

The woodstove did a wonderful job of toasting them evenly all over, and pretty much refusing to char or petrify them like the electric griddle is fond of doing. Sigh. Even in humility, the Queen reigns supreme. What a girl.

– Recipe by Now You’re Cooking With Wood.