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The Warmth of Wood Heat

There is just something special about the warmth of wood heat from a stove or fireplace. If you have ever had the opportunity to stand in front of a wood fire to warm up after spending hours outdoors in the cold, you know what I am talking about.

You enter the house that has been heated with wood; and immediately feel the warmth that has heated the wonderful little place so nicely.
You are able to smell the wood and the out-of-doors; yet you know you are no longer out in the cold.

You see the warm glow of the red-hot coals that remain from the fire that has died down while you were out.

The bucket of wood sits to the side of the woodstove. You need to restock the stove, so you put a few logs into the firebox. You hear the crackle of the flue as it warms up again.

warmth of wood heat 2

As you kick off your shoes, you feel the warm floor that has been warmed by the fire, it feels so good.

The hot water is ready on top of the woodstove, waiting to be poured into a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. You pick up a mug and pour a cup of your favorite drink.

You glance towards the recliner you love; your favorite book there, just waiting for you. So come on in and warm up a spell, then relax in the warmth of the trusty woodstove.

– Wrangler Jane.

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