Hot Water From a Wood Cookstove

Hot Water From A Wood Cookstove, New Videos!

“How do I get hot water from a wood cookstove?” is one of the most common questions that Obadiah’s regularly answers. The idea of having domestic hot water run right out of a cookstove is appealing for obvious reasons, between allowing for even greater self-sufficiency and having an invaluable backup supply of hot water during a power outage or emergency. Yet, setting up such a system is no easy task. We’ve been over domestic hot water before with this article, but sometimes it’s just easier when you have someone explaining the ins and outs in person. That’s we’ve created a new series of videos on the matter, showing folks all the details- from water reservoirs to water coils, water jackets, how everything fits together, and what the best setup for you might be.

Check out the new videos on hot water from a wood cookstove below, or find them in the videos section.

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