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Last month, Obadiah’s Woodstoves showed you how we sent Sarah Chain to Italy back in the spring to visit the Progetto Fuoco hearth show in Verona. Sarah checked out many different models of cookstoves, but there’s one that grabbed our attention so much that we had to bring it to you as soon as possible. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the Rizzoli Wood Cookstove series!

The Rizzoli L90 and LT90 are 100% made in Italy, with all of the quality craftsmanship we’ve come to expect from the country’s other forays into wood heating and cooking. The L90 and LT90 embody the traditional look of cookstoves, but add refinement and modern amenities that make them exceptionally functional for today’s cookstove user.

The L90 is a classic wood cookstove, decked out with features like removable cookplates, easy front-facing oven cleanout, a convenient handrail along the front and sides, and a built in oven thermometer. Features aside though, it’s Rizzoli’s exceptional construction that grabbed our attention with the L90. Offering secondary combustion, a truly spacious stainless steel oven, double ceramic glass, and much more, the L90 is a robust cookstove capable of meeting the needs of just about any cook.

Rizzoli’s LT90 offers all of the same features as the L90, with one key difference: The LT90 is hydronic heating ready. By offering you the ability to connect with in-floor heat, wall radiators, or even baseboard heat, the LT90 can bring heat to your home in ways that most cookstoves cannot. Hydronic heating is exceptionally popular in Europe, and we’re happy to be bringing this wonderful feature to North America. Honestly, can you imagine heating your floors on a cold winter day simply by building a fire? Sounds nice to us!

Both the Rizzoli L90 and LT90 are available in white tile, burgundy tile, and soapstone. Why soapstone? As Obadiah’s showed you years ago with the Bun Baker, soapstone retains heat for hours after a fire is out, allowing you to get more heat with less wood.

The Rizzoli L90 is expected to be UL/ULC approved this year, while the LT90 already is.

The L90 and LT90 aren’t the only Rizzoli cookstoves Obadiah’s is bringing to North America. We also have the exquisite S90 series, which combines Victorian style with modern functionality, and offers the option of solid or removable cooktop rings, ceramic glass, and all the other features that Rizzoli has made standard in their stoves such as secondary combustion, a stainless steel oven, a built in thermometer, and more. The S90 is available in a multitude of gorgeous color schemes that will make it the centerpiece of any room.

To really bring home the Italian style, though, the S90 Round Arch might be just what you need. This model features an arched pedestal under the stove, allowing for easy and stylish storage of wood. The S90 Round Arch offers all the same features as the other S90s, but with a look that could lend your home that Italian Villa feel.

Rizzoli-S90-Round-Arch - Cookstove Community
The S90 Round Arch

The L90, LT90, and S90 series are all great for medium to large spaces, but what if you simply don’t have the room? That’s where the ML60 and ML80 stacked wood cookstoves come in.

The ML60 is the smaller of the two and offers a remarkably low clearance to combustibles, allowing you to get it into spaces you may not have thought possible for a stove. The oven is sizeable for the stove’s overall dimensions, allowing you to cook plenty of food at once, and with a firebox capable of putting out 35,000 BTUs, it’s no lightweight when it comes to heat. The ML60 is available in a wide array of colors and finishes, so you can be sure that no matter your decor, you can find a look that fits in perfectly.

The ML80 is a slightly larger and wider stacked cookstove than the ML60, but still features a footprint that smaller than the average cookstove. If you need a compact stove but slightly more in the cooking department, the ML80 is the way to go with its 2.34 cubic ft oven (compared to the ML60’s 1.5 cubic feet). It’s available in anthracite, stainless steel, and white.

Both the ML60 and ML80 have multiple options for the flue outlet location (left/right upper plate, or rear), meaning that no matter your living space situation, there is almost certainly a way to comfortably install these cookstoves.

Check out the links below for more details on how you can get your hands on one of these quality Italian cookstoves.

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