Progetto Fuoco Verona 2018

At Obadiah’s Woodstoves, we never want our product lines to stagnate. The cookstove market is always growing and, as a leading dealer of cookstoves in North America, it’s our duty to stay up to date on the latest trends and units being manufactured across the world, in order to best serve our customers.

That’s why this spring, Obadiah’s Sarah Chain traveled to Italy to visit Progetto Fuoco Verona 2018. Held biennially, this hearth trade show attracts international attention with over 750 manufacturers and more than 70,000 visitors from 69 countries in attendance for the 2016 show. Unlike most hearth shows, however, units at Progetto Fuoco can be displayed in operation, thanks to a unique smoke filtration system built into the exhibition site. This gives visitors a chance to fully experience any stove on the floor as if it were in their living room, and this proved invaluable to Sarah as she made her way around the floor. Check out the video below to see the show!

In visiting Progetto Fuoco, Obadiah’s was able to view and get a feel for some truly inspired cookstove designs that are not currently available in North America. Like many U.S. manufacturers, the companies behind European cookstoves are often small and don’t have the means to move their stoves overseas, even if their outstanding quality has made them popular in their home regions. That’s where Obadiah’s and you, our Cookstove Community readers in North America, come in. That’s right, we want your help in deciding which of these stoves we bring to you.

We’re asking that you let us know in the comments what stoves grab your attention the most, what you like about them, and what you want to see in a new cookstove. Whether it’s the models from Hergom, Lacunza, Royal, Syrios, or brands that Obadiah’s already carries like La Nordica, share your thoughts on what you see and we will take note. There’s a chance that your feedback could help bring somebody’s dream stove to North America, so please, share your thoughts!

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